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Set Up Your Online Presence


The Beginner's Guide to Earning Money Online.

2.- Set Up Your Online Presence

In continuation of The previous blog -"The Beginner's Guide to Earning Money Online" gives a detailed study for –

First Step-Find Your Niche, I am giving some details study for ‘Find Your Niche’. Now in this blog, I am going to establish you to the second step- “Set Up Your Online Presence”.

Set Up Your Online Presence


Once you’ve identified your Niche in which you can achieve your goal for developing your business or earning platform Online or Offline, your activity needs to ‘Setup Your Online Presence’.

This includes Creating Website or Social Media Account to showcase your skills and services. You will be sure to ensure that your online presence is professional and reflects your brand.

Now in this blog, we are going through in detail a study about our Set Up Your Online Presence”.

Very carefully set goals that you do, Tracking, monitoring, and improving in business through your Online Presence can actually positively impact how customers and prospects perceive your business and grow your sales pipeline.

Here is everything you need to know about Online Presence for your business and how to make it work to your advantage.


An Online Presence can be defined by how easy to find a brand or company online. It is important for building your brand’s reputation, increasing brand awareness, and providing visibility to your products or services when users are searching for related keywords.

Everything you need to know about ‘Your Online Presence.

For any startup small Businesses shall have to chase in their field “Viral” and “Cool” marketing and SEO Strategies and take their Online Presence for granted. Find unique technics through SEO strategies. By creating owned Website and Social Media profiles, you are also across multiple channels and platforms on the internet. 

Your Online Presence means that you refer all activity and content an entity, a person, or a business, has under your name on the internet. This includes accounts, assets, interactions, and any pieces of information created by or about the person or business.

Your owned online presence is everything you have control over. In other words, all the content you create on the web under your company’s name.

You also have an earned online presence, which is what people say about you. It can be in any format, on any platform that people choose to talk about you on. This includes tweets, Quora answers, video reviews, or even online directories. More often than not, a significant part of the online presence of an early-stage company is created by other people—frustrated or angry users, prospects with questions, or even competitors.

Bottom line, your online presence is a form of communication that you can’t completely control and you should constantly monitor it. Although the ultimate objective of having an online presence is to be found on the internet, often, that alone is not enough. In fact, not monitoring your online presence can even be risky to your business.

Everything you need to know about ‘Your Online Presence’.

The more presentable your business looks on the web, the more likely customers are to trust you. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own—an offline or online business, a startup, or a big enterprise—your presence and conduct on the web matters to your customers.

Besides being there for your customers, there are more reasons to think about your online presence.

Whatever you execute for your presence should be accessible online or offline. Even if your skills, and business does not sell anything on the internet, a positive online presence can help you sell more online. Your activation shall improve yourself in “Your Online or Offline Presence”. 

Your Online Presence is a passive marketing stream for your skills and business. People review and engagement on social media can serve your presence in your skills. People become familiar with the existence of your brand.

Having an Online Presence means you and your audience are bound to each other on both sides of channel communication to gather insightful feedback or reviews.

How to assess and improve the online presence of your business?

Assessing your online presence simply means tracking what’s being said about you on the internet and analyzing how much good or bad it’s doing to your business. And then, you find ways to make it work for you.

Here are four steps you can take to track and improve how your business looks to your customers online:

Google your business

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Search for your business on Google and analyze the results. Use an incognito session in your browser for unbiased results and look for these elements:

*    Your website

*    Your contact information

*    Your address

*    Work hours

In addition to your business information, make sure to skim through the other results. Stay alert for reviews or articles that mention your business or compare it to others.

Pro-Tip: To increase conversions from organic search, optimize your website so Google can show relevant links when people search for your business. Read more about getting Google site links here.

A Google search is the first step to getting a feel of how your business looks to customers. Does it look like a legit and trustworthy entity? Do the search results provide customers with enough information to reach out to you? Do they give them a good first impression of the business?

Monitor mentions of your business

Monitoring mentions of your business will help you stay up to date on what’s being said about you online and run damage control in case of a negative mention like a bad review. Also, this will allow you to spot gaps in your communication. Do people have unanswered questions or false information about your company?

Google Alerts can be used to monitor mentions of your business on the internet. After setting up alerts for your business/product name and associated keywords, set it to send you a message “as it happens,” and you will be notified instantly when someone mentions you anywhere on the web.

Forums such as Quora and Reddit can also be crucial to the online presence and reputation of your business. Make sure to answer questions with accurate information but also take into consideration all the questions people ask and use that data to improve your website.

Analyze your website traffic (social too!)

Knowing where your traffic comes from (and how much of it) can help you assess your overall online presence. Having low traffic can be a sign that you need to boost your online efforts beyond your website. For instance, low traffic from social media marketing sources can indicate that your social presence isn’t great.

Tracking your website traffic through Google Analytics can help identify main traffic sources as well as hidden ones that you might have missed in your Google search. It will also help you spot mentions or backlinks you may not be aware of.

Assess your   social media engagement

Your social media presence also contributes to your online reputation. Activity on your social media channels, especially with engaged customers, can establish trust and credibility for your business.

Say you look up the Facebook pages of a company and one of its competitors. One of these pages is very active and gets a lot of likes and comments from people, and you can see that the business actively engages with customers. The other page has a couple of likes and no comments on most of the posts. Which business are you more likely to trust?

The answer is obvious. An active social media profile looks trustworthy and, more importantly, it feels human and real. And the better your social media presence, the more engaged your audience will be.

Online presence isn’t a part of your business that you can overlook. It is the basis of all your digital marketing efforts and working on improving it every day should be part of your to-do list.

Think about it this way: you cannot completely control your online presence, so you need to be a step ahead of your audience. Everything customers learn about your business online, you need to know first. The only way to achieve that is by understanding, monitoring, and improving your online presence.

 There are 16-Ways To Improve “Your Online Presence”

1.       Build an Email List.

2.       Master SEO

3.       Create Value

4.       Be Active Online

5.       Analyze Your Results

6.       Adopt New Forums.

7.       Have a Social Media Presence.

8.       Make a Website.

9.       Produce content.

10.        Personify Your Brand.

11.        Experiment With Online Advertising.

12.        Research Influencer Marketing.

13.        Be Competitive.

14.        Develop Relationships.

15.        Show Up Where Your Audience Is.

16.        Automate Your Process.

In conclusion, earning money online is a viable option for anyone with the skills and determination to succeed. You can start earning money by finding, choosing your platform, creating a marketing strategy, and setting up your skills, Your Online Presence. 

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